Connecting Women Veterans in Northeast Florida and Beyond

Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. was established to serve the unique needs of women veterans. Silence and isolation has plagued the woman veteran community for years and our focus is to “Raise Their Voice” by connecting them to each other. We can help guide women veterans to the right resources, government programs, family support services, or career development centers to make a true difference. We are on a mission to help veterans “Get a G.R.I.P.” and become members in our growing woman veteran organization as we increase our advocacy to create change.

With over 1.8 million women veterans nationwide and more than 140,000 living in the state of Florida, we strive to make a direct impact on every veteran community. And through our immediate efforts in Florida, we have expanded the reach of our network by establishing relationships with women veterans from across the nation. Join us today and become a member as our powerful community of women veterans continues to grow.


Housing Homeless Veterans

One of the biggest challenges impacting many veterans is access to adequate and affordable housing. Zahara Veterans Village is our solution to provide housing support, resources for women veterans, and case management in a centralized location that gives veterans and their families the opportunity to grow and flourish.

 The Power of a Donation

In 2015 Guidestar estimated that more than 65% of all veteran service organizations receive less than $50,000 in yearly support, which is not nearly enough to influence real change. Help us beat the statistics stacked against veteran organizations. Your donation today will go directly towards our programs and housing project to make a significant, lasting impact in the lives of veterans.