A Letter to Women Veterans:

Are you one of the 1.8 million women veterans of the United States Armed Forces? Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. was established to address the unique needs of the woman veteran community. It was designed to connect women veterans to under-utilized programs, services and each other. Our primary area of operation is home to more than 20,000 women veterans and at most veteran events there are less than ten women veterans in attendance on any given day. And the majority of those women are the same handful of people, month in and month out.

Since our foundation, one of the biggest challenges is to get women veterans involved in programs established for them, whether with our organization or another. The lack of involvement and silence by women veterans is by far the biggest challenge in getting programs and services established to assist our entire community.

We know the challenges and disappointments servicewomen often experience after transition from the United States Armed Forces. We understand the discomfort felt when attending veteran events where you are often misidentified as the spouse instead of the service member. Even when you have the honor of being both, spouse and veteran, the mistake can often trigger deeper hurt and make you feel devalued as a service member. How do you heal as a woman veteran and take the steps necessary to get involved with the veteran community?