Thank you for your interest in supporting Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. We are on a mission to help women veterans get a “G.R.I.P.” and establish Zahara Veterans Village to serve today’s veterans. Women have served in some official capacity in every war since the Spanish American War of 1898 and there is a good chance you unknowingly have a woman relative who served in our military.

“How would that be possible?”, you ask? Many women veterans do not self-identify as veterans in their day-to-day conversations. Most will talk about their spouse, children, jobs or hobbies, but omit their experience as service members in their general conversations. One of our goals is to get women veterans to share their experiences and feel more comfortable talking about their service on a daily basis.

Our platform to help women begin to self-identify as veterans, uses the acronym, G.R.I.P. and our goal is to help them get it:

  • Grow by inviting women veterans to join our membership

  • Relay information on veterans programs and services

  • Interact at veterans events and build good relationships with other veteran service organizations

  • Promote our mission to serve the veteran community through support of our programs and services.

Your support can assist us in achieving our goals to encourage veterans, serve the community, and house our homeless veterans. Here are the many ways you can help:

  • Join our mission as an auxiliary member

  • Volunteer at community events

  • Connect us to women veterans in your family or community

  • Talk to your local church or parish about supporting our local organization

  • Donate financially and make arrangements to support monthly, quarterly, or on the birthday of a woman veteran with special meaning to you

As a local nonprofit organization, your support has a direct impact in your community. Most national nonprofit corporations must first meet their obligation of multi-million dollars in salary requirements, many do not spend more than ten cents of every dollar on the actual people the money was meant to serve.

In 2015, GuideStar estimated that approximately 65% of all veteran organizations receive less than $50,000 in donations. There are other local charities with high amounts of reported surplus funds and storage facilities of donated products that have yet to reach the intended target group. It is financial waste and fraud that is hurtful to the overall community.

Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. was founded on Isaiah 60:1-4 (KJV) and we bare a moral responsibility to our veterans and the community we represent. We were established to shine light on our often “silent” community and to illuminate the actions of those who have caused hurt and distrust in the veteran community by operating in fraudulent manners.

Help us beat the odds and shine as a beacon for veterans to connect with and depend on, today and in the future.