Women veterans have served in an official capacity in every war since the Spanish American War and most Americans are unaware of our contributions as we are often overlooked as service members. The perceived “silence” of women veterans has not only led to disbelief in our existence, but also to lost opportunities in employment, marketing and consumer operations.

Zahara Veterans Network, Inc. is on a mission to inform corporations about the value of women veterans as employers and consumers. Did you know that one of the fastest growing segments of business owners in the United States is the woman veteran? Our community is almost fifteen years younger than male veterans and more likely to have children under the age of eighteen in the home. There is value to understanding the woman veteran community and your interest can help us reach our goal of getting women veterans to get a grip.


Our platform to help women begin to self-identify as veterans, uses the acronym, G.R.I.P. and our goal is to help them get it:

  • Grow by inviting women veterans to join our membership

  • Relay information on veterans programs and services

  • Interact at veterans events and build good relationships with other veteran service organizations

  • Promote our mission to serve the veteran community through support of our programs and services.

Your corporate support can assist us in achieving our goals to encourage veterans, serve the community, and house our homeless veterans.

Here are the multiple ways you can support:

  • Invite our executive director to consult, educate, and share our mission with your board, executive staff or employees

  • Volunteer as a group at community events in support of the veteran community

  • Connect us to the decision makers of corporate foundations or community gifts

  • Sponsor our events, provide for emergency housing options, help us provide gift cards to veterans in financial distress

  • Send us job postings to share with our private veteran groups or contact us for referrals of veterans with specific skill sets

  • Donate financially and make arrangements to support monthly, quarterly, or on behalf of veteran employees

  • Or contact us to offer supportive programs already in place to help veterans

Your support connects you to a local 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization and has a visible, tangible positive impact in the lives of our veteran community. The biggest challenges of the woman veteran community in the North Florida area is housing, mental healthcare challenges, and silence. We are “raising the voice” of women veterans and your support can help us tackle the bigger challenges.